The Skeeta

Skeeta is the very latest, ‘3rd Generation’ foiling dinghy that incorporates all-round performance.

Thanks to Skeeta Foiling Craft, who designed the Skeeta, sailors now have the option to foil safely and comfortably on a boat which is stable and user friendly in both foiling and displacement modes. Whilst being fast, exciting and capable of foiling manoeuvres when up in the air, the boat also has excellent handling and stability in displacement mode. Due to all of these qualities and the wide wind range for sailing, the Skeeta is the ultimate all round foiling dinghy.

The Scow Hull
Skeeta's hull shape has been optimised for both foiling and displacement sailing and through more than 50 years of in-house scow development by Skeeta Foiling Craft.

The Foils
​Skeeta's foiling system is a culmination of more than 20 years' development with freely-pivoting foils.

The Wings
Skeeta's wings can easily and quickly be removed in less than five seconds.

The Rig
The high-performance, over-rotating rig is the product of many years of development.

The Nikki

Nikki is a brand new dinghy purpose built by big kids, for kids and lighter sailors.

An innovative, exciting new project enabling sailors to gain adaptable sailing skills and the ability to foil from a young age.

The Hull
Nikki is a fully open, modern scow designed for learning to sail, foil and competitive youth sailing.

The Foils
Its simple foiling system dramatically reduces the chance of 'foil crashing', as experienced with many other foiling craft, making it much more accessible to the wider public.

The Wings
Nikki’s wings are very simple and being installed or removed in seconds.

The Rig
The two-piece carbon fibre mast has different length mast bases to suit the sail size.

Tips & Tricks

At GP Watercraft we recognise that although sailing a foiling boat both exciting and rewarding, we are also aware that it is a new aspect to the sport and sailors may need some extra help understanding the basics before getting the huge rewards from dying above the water.

This is why we have included a tips and tricks section on the website, enabling you to get quick access to some top tips on everything you need to get going.


Instructional videos


About GP Watercraft

GP watercraft are a UK marine company specialising in performance sailing. We offer performance coaching and consultancy and are the UK distributors for the foiling Dinghies Nikki and Skeeta.

Both the Nikki and Skeeta boats are user friendly, high performance and are suitable for a wide range of sailors.

As passionate marine professionals, we are huge supporters of both adult and youth sailing and excited about innovative ways to support the sport of sailing.

Both the Skeeta and Nikki foiling dinghies are available to purchase through GP Watercraft. You can test the boats at the fantastic Andrew Simpson Centres in Portland, Dorset and Reading, Berkshire.


Purchase your boat today

Both the Skeeta and Nikki can be purchased through GP Watercraft. For more information on boat availability, new or existing quotes, boat options, spares or any other enquiries please fill in your details below.

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