The Nikki

The Nikki

Nikki is a brand new dinghy purpose built by big kids (the excellent team at Skeeta Foiling Craft), for kids and lighter sailors. An innovative, exciting to new project enabling sailors to gain adaptable sailing skills and the ability to foil from a young age. In addition to being an excellent opportunity for young sailors to learn the skills needed to perform in centreline foiling boats, we see the excitement of the Nikki as a fantastic opportunity to help retain sailors in the sport.

The Hull

Nikki is a fully open, modern scow designed for learning to sail and fun, competitive sailing.

The hull is stable, robust and simple. The steering is light and direct, allowing new sailors to develop advanced feel from an early age.

The Foils

​Its simple foiling system dramatically reduces the chance of 'foil crashing', as experienced with many other foiling craft, reducing the worry some sailors may face when considering to learn foiling and making the boat accessible to the majority of sailors out there.

The fully-retractable foils can be easily clipped on or off, all by the push of a button. No need to tip the boat over when rigging!

The fully-adjustable wand allows sailors to start low to the water's surface and gradually fly higher as they gain skill and experience.

The Wings

Nikki’s wings are very simple and being installed or removed in seconds. One pin holding them in place, means you will not have to waste too much time on set up !

The Rig

The two-piece carbon fibre mast has different length mast bases to suit the sail size.

All tips and bases are easily interchangeable between rigs.


Safety has been at the forefront of the manufacturers mind when designing the Nikki. Below are some of the reasons you can sail this little foiler in a safe environment.

  • A boom pad to help reduce the risk of head injuries.
  • Capsize-righting ropes as standard, so sailors of any weight can easily right the boat.
  • High-visibility colours on sails, wings and foils, so others can easily spot Nikki from a distance.
  • Clamps on both centreboard and rudder box, to hold retracted foils while on land.
  • A mast lock to prevent the mast falling out in the event of a capsize

Nikki 5.5

Length: 2.9m
Width: 1.02m without wings, 1.8m with wings
Hull weight: 27kgs
Sail Area: 5.5m²
Sailor weight range: 25-65kgs

Nikki 6.5

Length: 2.9m
Width: 1.02m without wings, 1.8m with wings
Hull weight: 27kgs
Sail Area: 6.5m²
Sailor weight range: 25-65kgs


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